Saturday, September 3, 2011

Catherine Ryan: These Things They Do

Milwaukee, this is your heads-up! We'd like to invite you to a the opening of Catherine Ryan's show at the gallery Friday, September 9th from 6-10pm. But wait there is more.....

Catherine Ryan: study
Catherine Ryan, "Study" gouache and charcoal on paper

We couldn't be more pleased to welcome Catherine Ryan to Milwaukee. She is coming from San Francisco for her solo exhibit These Things They Do. The show will run through October 15th so if you sadly can't come, please do swing by the gallery to check it out during the month.

Friday's party is a good one because if coming to check out Catherine's work, drink a beer, see our newest Temporary Mural by Vanessa Andrew isn't enough then maybe mentioning that we are teaming up with Cortney Heimerl's project PrintShop Forever for the first time will rope you in.

Catherine Ryan: instruction
Catherine Ryan, "Instruction" gouache and charcoal on paper

Catherine Ryan: pact
Catherine Ryan, "Pact" gouache and charcoal on paper

PSF will be hosting two very special guests from Toronto at Friday's event. Becky Johnson of Sweetie Pie Press who will have her Awards For Nothing, the next addition of PSF, previewed in person.

Sweetie Pie Press: Awards For Nothing
Print Shop Forever presents the Sweetie Pie Press, Awards For Nothing

When Becky rolls into town she often is accompanied by her partner in crime Reverend Aitor. If you are interested he will enlighten you with one of his Unflattering Portraits and is scheduling sittings now if you'd like to assure you get a spot.

Reverend Aitor: Unflattering Portraits, sara pin pals
Here is Sara of Pin Pal's & her Unflattering Portrait

If you would like more details on the Catherine Ryan exhibit and/or Friday's events the full press release is available here. See you soon!

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