Saturday, September 3, 2011

Later Days Monica Canilao

A lot of you who came to the show asked about the de-installation process of What's Lost is Safe, Monica Canilao's exhibit that was up in the gallery from May-August. What was going to happen to all that stuff? Where would it go? How would it be moved?

De-install in progress:
Monica Canilao de-install

This is what was there before:
"What's Lost Is Safe"

When the show ended we took down the large fabric elements along with the portraits and sent two large boxes back to Monica in Oakland. Pieces of her installations often get re-worked, and today I thought it was super rad to see parts of the Milwaukee show in photos from The More We Wander, an exhibit presented by Krets opening today in Sweden at Vernissage lördag 3/9 kl.19-22, med konstnärerna på plats.

De-install of Monica Canilao's exhibit

So what about the rest of the stuff? The beast inside the cave, the small city on top of the shack? There was a lot of it and the answer wasn't exactly clear until Harrison, Monica's collaborator, showed up in Milwaukee to help take everything down. The loose plan was to rent a truck and drive the remainder of the installation elements to the Treasure Nest, a work in progress art house in Detroit. I had to leave to New York to work on my film, but Aaron and Harrison took one for the team and got it done. It took a little longer then expected, but they made it. Aaron drove out to Detroit in time to drop the stuff off, hang out for a day and fly back to install the new Temporary Mural by Vanessa Andrews and host the release party for Fine Line Magazine on Friday.

Aaron talked about his experience it a bit more on the Skate Shop blog.

Moving Monica Canilao's work to Detroit

What's that giant wheel on the back of the moving truck? That's a great question, I'm so glad I was in New York. Ask the boys.

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