Thursday, July 11, 2013

Experiences In The 22nd Dimension

Experiences In The 22nd Dimension
Corinne Loperfido + Andrew Schrock (New Orleans, LA) 
Show runs: August 2- 31, 2013
Opening party: Friday August 2 7pm- 11pm, artists will be in attendance

Experiences in the 22nd Dimension is an installation created by New Orleans based artists Corinne Loperfido and Andrew Schrock. Inspired by the exploration of the full spectrum of the human senses  through costume design, photography, projections, and ornate sculptural + fabric installation, participants are transported into the temple of two androgynous deities from the 22nd Dimension. They have come to share their knowledge and practices with our society because we have become disconnected from the way we relate our bodies and to each other. Their intention for heightening our awareness is to help facilitate a deeper connection between our consciousness and our physical bodies.


Corinne Loperfido is focused on inventing new worlds with surreal installations that incorporate costume design and ritual / interactive performances. Her goal is to create unique experiences for the viewer that inspires a new model for relating to each other and to what we consider "art".

Andrew Schrock is a multi faceted artist, ambitiously delving into all realms of creativity. His endeavors include chopping apart freight trains, tug boats, hacking fire hydrants, exploding sculptures, decon-re-construction, adventures into the metaphysical, and breathing all for the sake of realizing fantasy, experimental thinking, and an understanding of the multi-verse.

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