Sunday, August 25, 2013


September 13- December 1, 2013
Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels (Brooklyn) + VnessWolfCHild (Detroit)

Artists will be in attendance for the opening reception on September 13th 6-11pm
Crystal Cavern (Sky High Gallery edition) is an installation and sound experience by Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels (Brooklyn) and VnessWolfCHild (Detroit). Using old discarded lath, SVBF transforms the innards of house walls into large pulsing geometric wall hangings that grow into a portal room, shifting the ordinary into the mystical. Into that space, VnessWoldCHild layers field recordings from late-night explorations with self-composed instrumentation samples to create lush sonic textures to slow mental fluctuations. Combined they make a place that belongs to the alchemy of our humanness, a place to rest in the continuous lineage of the universe. Crystal Cavern is the temple of ourselves, for each other.

Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels is a Tennessee installation artist based in Brooklyn. From discarded housing materials she makes large-scale constructions, fading existing architecture into placeless places with awkward entrances and inviting nooks. Her installations abstract buildings' structures into layers that explores how constructed environments create experiential constructs. Bothwell Fels explores visual representations of how humans are each made from the genetic and emotional layers of thousands of people. She abstracts and compress geometric representations of forms that are both made up of layers of tiny versions of themselves and also grow larger versions of themselves quasi-infinitely— like crystals made of a lattice of crystallite grains, or the Sierpinski triangle made of infinitely smaller triangles. Loosely combining concepts from her paintings with a site's specific geography, she builds towards particular feelings and moments that subtly form experiences within the installation. SVBF's large-scale installations are most often shown in abandoned or odd locations; her work has been found in a former Brooklyn convent, a crumbling machine warehouse in Detroit, and an deserted secret society Lodge in Philadelphia; and recently at Scope, F.L.A. Gallery, Clocktower Gallery, and the Palais de Tokyo. 

VnessWolfCHild is a musician and interactive ritual healing performance artist who uses installation, sound, video, and movement, to create performances uncovering, understanding and integrating subtle aspects of existence. Most recent works deal with the relationship between being in a physical, spiritual and emotional body in the current state of things while exploring the frequency of joy. Through life and art Vness is on a mystical quest to absolve herself from suffering by riding the wondrous love joy train into the depths of the collective heart.

Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, 2012

Additional artist information and press images available

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Experiences In The 22nd Dimension

Experiences In The 22nd Dimension
Corinne Loperfido + Andrew Schrock (New Orleans, LA) 
Show runs: August 2- 31, 2013
Opening party: Friday August 2 7pm- 11pm, artists will be in attendance

Experiences in the 22nd Dimension is an installation created by New Orleans based artists Corinne Loperfido and Andrew Schrock. Inspired by the exploration of the full spectrum of the human senses  through costume design, photography, projections, and ornate sculptural + fabric installation, participants are transported into the temple of two androgynous deities from the 22nd Dimension. They have come to share their knowledge and practices with our society because we have become disconnected from the way we relate our bodies and to each other. Their intention for heightening our awareness is to help facilitate a deeper connection between our consciousness and our physical bodies.


Corinne Loperfido is focused on inventing new worlds with surreal installations that incorporate costume design and ritual / interactive performances. Her goal is to create unique experiences for the viewer that inspires a new model for relating to each other and to what we consider "art".

Andrew Schrock is a multi faceted artist, ambitiously delving into all realms of creativity. His endeavors include chopping apart freight trains, tug boats, hacking fire hydrants, exploding sculptures, decon-re-construction, adventures into the metaphysical, and breathing all for the sake of realizing fantasy, experimental thinking, and an understanding of the multi-verse.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

SHIPS: new work by Kyle Ranson

Sky High Gallery is very pleased to be hosting the first Milwaukee exhibit by San Francisco based artist Kyle Ranson. He will be spending the week in the gallery painting a site specific mural for his show "Ships". In addition to the mural he will be installing paintings and performing a special set of music at the opening event.

Please join us to celebrate at the opening reception: June 14th, 7-10pm 

Exhibit runs: June 14- July 21, 2013
Media Contact: Faythe Levine,

Artist Statement
With an encouraging hippie mother, Kyle Ranson began to draw and paint in early childhood and by the time he was in high school he was taking life-drawing classes at the Lyme Academy in Connecticut. He attended three semesters at the Maryland institute, College of Art and then dropped out to immerse himself in the arts and music scene in Baltimore. In 1994 he moved to San Francisco and became a part of the underground punk scene in the mission and has slowly become a pillar of the San Francisco art world.

Past interviews with Kyle Ranson on Juxtapoz & FecalFace

Monday, April 8, 2013

OUT OF THE WILD: new work by Cassandra Smith

Sky High Gallery presents:
"Out of the Wild" new work by Cassandra Smith
April 19 - June 1, 2013

Opening reception: Friday April 19th, 6-10pm, artist will be attendance

We are pleased to present new work by Cassandra Smith, an artist and designer working in Milwaukee, WI. She is also the co-owner and editor of Fine Line Magazine, an international fine arts publication. In 2006, she graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a degree in Sculpture. After graduating, Cassandra co-owned the now defunct Armoury Gallery which exhibited contemporary work by local and national emerging artists. She has also curated several visual art exhibitions in the Milwaukee area. Among other places, her work has been show at the John Michael Kohler Art Center, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Paper Boat Gallery, the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts and the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh. Cassandra’s current body of work, hand-painted deer antlers, has been featured by Anthropology, US Weekly and Better Homes & Gardens.

My work  is about manipulations and transformation. It is about exploring the ways that I can enhance and change found objects to give them something they did not have in their former life. I find a certain beauty in imposing my aesthetic, specifically color and pattern, onto natural or worn objects. I am fascinated by the dichotomy between organic and geometric shapes, the contrast between natural and synthetic. I strive to enhance these objects while respecting the inherent qualities that drew me to them in the first place.

Artist website: www.
For additional information or press images contact curator Faythe Levine,

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Little Friends: Milwaukee's Worst

Little Friends: Milwaukee's Worst
New work by The Little Friends of Printmaking
March 15 - April 7, 2013

Opening reception: Friday, March 22nd 6-10pm
Artists will be in attendance selling cash & carry editioned prints

Sky High Gallery is pleased to present a new body of work by Milwaukee based print duo THE LITTLE FRIENDS OF PRINTMAKING. This show is being presented in association with the 2013 Southern Graphics Conference.

Artist's BIO:
You can easily spot The Little Friends of Printmaking in a crowd—their inky hands and clothes are a dead giveaway. Their work is just as distinctive. JW & Melissa Buchanan first made a name for themselves through their silkscreened concert posters, but soon branched out into further fields, designing fancy junk for whoever would pay them money. In addition to their work as illustrators and designers, they've continued their fine art pursuits through exhibitions, lectures, and artists’ residencies, spreading the gospel of silkscreen to anyone inclined to listen. Their awards include honors from the Art Directors’ Club, American Illustration, and Communication Arts; their work has been published in the books New Masters of Poster Design [Rockport], Juxtapoz: Poster Art [Gingko Press], and Handmade Nation [Princeton Architectural Press], among others.

Our aesthetic is broadly influenced by the silkscreen process and its idiosyncrasies-- We love its flatness; the interplay between ink layers; its bold immediacy and its capacity for subtlety. We try to imbue our print designs with a playful looseness that leads the viewer to consider the process by which the print was created, in order to demystify the process and reaffirm the qualities that make screenprints desirable and unique among works on paper.
For us, the definitions of Art and Design have become interchangeable. We work primarily as printmakers, but also take on design projects from outside collaborators. We've charted an alternate course for ourselves somewhere between Art and Design, without drawing a bright line of distinction between them.


Additional press materials & images available upon request.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Getting By in the Foreverscape

Getting By in the Foreverscape: New work by Colin Matthes
January 18- March 10, 2013
Join us for the opening reception Gallery Night January 18, 6-10pm. Artist will be in attendance.

Getting By in the Foreverscape 

Colin Matthes makes work about engineering the absurd, which allows him to address economic and environmental crisis from a funny, critical, fatalistic, and industrious point of view. His upcoming exhibition, Getting By in the Foreverscape, is influenced by empty places and harsh weather. Featuring drawings made while in residence at Cow House Studios in Wexford Ireland and the release of the limited edition poster set, Essential Knowledge: Volume 1 this is Matthes’s first solo exhibition in Milwaukee since 2008. Within this exhibition the viewer will find advertising, questionable science, obsessiveness, paranoid ramblings, and genuine concern laced with humor. 

Colin Matthes’s drawing based multi-disciplinary practice includes painting, object making,installation, public art projects, and zine and graphic production. Arts writer Rafael Salas described his work as, “heartwarming, nostalgic, and full of humor despite its grim prognosis.” He works collectively with Justseeds, a decentralized network of twenty-six artists living in the US, Canada, and Mexico. They run a print collective, produce portfolios, contribute graphics to movements, co-publish books, and build installations. Matthes, based in Milwaukee, WI, has exhibited across Europe and the United States, including solo-exhibitions at Artspace Leguit, Antwerp, Belgium and Igloo Gallery, Portland, Oregon, and group exhibitions at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and the Haggerty Museum, Milwaukee, WI. He has completed numerous residency programs including Hotel Pupik (Austria), Werkkamp (Belgium), Cow House Studios (Ireland), Harold Arts (USA), and AS220 (USA). Colin’s upcoming projects include exhibitions at Monster Truck, Dublin, Ireland and El Butron, Seville, Spain.

Above image: Moving On: ink, acrylic, gouache, and flasche on paper, 40x58in, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012


"ALL SORTS" limited edition prints by Jessica Seamans will be available.

We will be kicking off our season at Art vs. Craft NOV 24. After that join us for our open house NOV 30th 5-10pm and enjoy hot cider & friends. The ALL SORTS boutique will be open in the gallery regular shop hours for the month of DEC. Remember, we only order in small batches so come early to pick out your selections. 

We couldn't be more excited about the list of designers we are working with this year here are a few to wet your whistle:

Danmala // Cards
Stone & Honey // Jewelry
Erin Smith // Jewelry
Wilder // Magazine
Uniforma // Accessories
David Scheid // Stained Glass
Ben Fiess // Ceramics
Nikki McClure // Calendars
Kaye Blegvad // Jewelry
ALL Knitwear // Hats
Jeremy Rendina // Moon Calendars & Stationary
Santa Fe Stoneworks // Knives
Jessica Seamans // Prints
The Wild Unknown // Tarot Cards

We will also have signed copies of Sign Painters in stock, gallery curator Faythe Levine & Sam Macon's new book published by Princeton Architectural Press

+ Special ALL SORTS gallery edition: Tapestries by artist and designer Hannah Waldron will be on display NOV-DEC 31, 2012

KURUKURU, 2012 // 36 cm x 60 cm // various yarns